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Here you will find information regarding your sleep study at Peninsula Sleep Clinic.

Once your appointment has been scheduled you will receive a pack with detailed information regarding your sleep study. Here is a brief overview of what to expect on the night of your sleep study:

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Sleep Study Set Up Example
  • The head is measured and cleaned to place electrodes in specified locations
  • Additional electrodes are placed near each eye, on the forehead and under the chin
  • A Snore Sensor is placed on the neck
  • Bands are placed around the chest and abdomen to measure effort to breathe
  • Electrodes are placed on the body to measure cardiac rhythm and rate and diaphragmatic effort
  • A Thermocouple and a Nasal Canula are placed below the nostrils to measure airflow from the nose and mouth
  • Leg sensors are placed below each knee to measure periodic limb movements
  • An Oximeter is secured to one finger to measure oxygen concentration in the blood
  • We can measure transcutaneous carbon dioxide in the laboratory
  • We monitor body position and movement video digital video recording
  • Application variations may apply depending on test and referral
  • For home sleep studies we do not measure CO2, video or diaphragmatic effort
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