CPAP Home Trials:

Home trials of CPAP equipment are available to patients who have undergone a sleep study through Peninsula Sleep Clinic.

We have a wide range of CPAP machines and masks including nasal masks, full face masks and nasal pillows. We also have a range of masks and devices for purchase.

Certified CPAP Supplier
Peninsula Sleep Clinic has been certified by the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) Code of Practice for supply of CPAP according to industry best practice. Find out more about the Sleep Health Foundation.

CPAP Education CPAP Sales CPAP Troubleshooting
Peninsula Sleep Clinic conducts CPAP education for patients in the use and care of CPAP, NIV and provides ongoing support.

Clinics are conducted Monday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment only.

Call (02) 9451 0522.
Peninsula Sleep Clinic offers an extensive range of CPAP equipment for purchase.

Please call to check availability. Out of stock items can be ordered with minimal delay.

Click below to view the extensive range of CPAP machines and masks that are carried by Peninsula Sleep Clinic.
Many problems with CPAP can be solved at home.

View our troubleshooting guide for information on common problems with CPAP devices.

Tips for cleaning CPAP devices are also provided.