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Peninsula Sleep Clinic conducts diagnostic and therapeutic sleep studies and provides clinical advice and education about CPAP and other therapies for sleep disordered breathing in a purpose built six bed facility.

Some of our Services:

• Diagnosis of sleep disorders

• Determining and checking correct CPAP and NIV use

• Checking effectiveness of dental devices or surgery

• Checking effectiveness of positional devices

• MSLT and MWT testing

• CPAP Education

Make an Appointment:

Answer some sleep disorder pre-screening questions to find out the most suitable referral pathway. Alternatively, download our referral pdf and take this to your GP to discuss.

Call us to make an appointment on (02) 9451 0522 or discuss our services.

Medicare regulations require for some diagnostic, and all CPAP and specialised sleep disorder tests, a referral from a Sleep/Respiratory Physician or in some cases a Neurologist.

CPAP Home Trials:

Home trials of CPAP
equipment are available to patients who have undergone a sleep study through Peninsula Sleep Clinic.

We have a wide range of CPAP machines and masks including nasal masks, full face masks and nasal pillows of various sizes.

CPAP Sales are also provided.

Our success rate speaks for itself with > 88% of patients successfully established onto CPAP therapy at the end of their home trial.

Certified by Global-Mark Certification Standard ISO 9001:2015.
Accredited to the National Safety & Quality Health Services Standards.